Don’t the words Romantic Mystery conjure up stalkers, a serial killer or two, car chases, shoot-outs, and gun-packing superheroes and heroines?

Well…I must admit I prefer reality, even when it comes to romance. If I were in danger, could I really count on the sudden appearance of some gorgeous, sexy, very hot secret agent who instantly puts a villain out of commission? Of course, I couldn’t. Therefore, in my books, you’ll find none of that.

What I do like describing is that first, very tentative gentleness, and those early stirrings of love. But I also enjoy transporting my readers to unusual places and giving them unconventional heroes and heroines who refuse the roles society sets out for them.

In The Turkish Affair, My heroine, Anne, is a former American journalist who, after a scandalous affair with the wrong man, lost her job and her reputation. For the last ten years, she’s been in hiding, living in backwoods Turkey, working as a translator. My hero, Renaud Townsend is an archaeologist. He’s passionate about his work, about ancient history, about discovery, and about keeping his independence.

My inspiration for this book? Once upon a time, I also worked in Turkey as a translator, and, just like my heroine, I also lived in a small, restrictive community. The police were aggressive and corrupt, there was political unrest, and life could be frankly dangerous. I also spent much spent time on archaeological sites. And one day, I briefly caught sight of a lean and elegant man heading toward a jumble of smashed pillars. He was the inspiration for Renaud Townsend.

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