The Perfect Sub



Drew Prescott thinks he has to be perfect to attract the Dom of his dreams. However, after a year of acting the perfect sub, Dominant Holt Benedict still isn’t interested. Tired of his unrequited love, Drew contacts Madame Eve in an effort to move on with his life. His request? A man who will make him forget Holt. When his date arrives and it’s Holt Benedict himself, Drew figures at least he’ll have one night to create memories before he moves on and tries to heal his broken heart. When Holt shows Drew what he really wants, their one night stand changes everything and Drew is forced to realize that there’s a difference between being a perfect sub and offering perfect submission to the man he loves.

Writing MM BDSM can be a lot of fun. What isn’t fun is trying to figure out howThe-Perfect-Sub200x300 many ways you can say “me” or “him” or “fingers” or “orgasm” or a whole host of other words that don’t have many synonyms in the thesaurus. Neither is it fun trying to figure out who put what where when every character is “he.”

I refuse to descend into the realm of purple prose. There are no “rods” or “staffs” in my writing. Biblical references make me shudder. There are no fountains of cum, no sweet creamy nectar being disgorged from a magnificent rod of wonder, no delicately fluttering passages begging to be conquered, no perfect, pouting bee-stung pillows of flesh, damp with dew from the nervous flick of a tongue, awaiting a kiss to awaken sinful desires. Blech! Men don’t have sex like that even when they love each other!

Writing men’s emotions is easy. Sometimes they are as sappy as women are reported to be. Sometimes they are rough and gruff and reticent. Many men don’t like to overtalk or overthink stuff.

“Do ya—?”

“Yeah, I do.”

For men, those five words can cover a lot of ground depending on the context. You see, men don’t usually like to waste words. Those are five perfectly good words that can be used in a myriad of situations. Hey, why reinvent the wheel?

So when writing MM BDSM romances, authors can find themselves repeating phrases. After all, it works in real life conversations. It should work on paper too. But, alas, it doesn’t, even in context. Editors don’t like repeat phrases even if men really do talk that way. So the fine art of being a MM writer gets distilled down to being able to find replacement words for those repeat phrases and words.

DP logo (2)At three a.m. finding more than two replacement words for “orgasm” can be daunting. Putting together the mechanics of a sex scene when both players are “he” gets downright difficult. It’s not hot. It’s frustrating! All of which is probably why I write BDSM. Being frustrated is something a submissive would know all about. Their Dominant holds all the control. They don’t come unless the Dom lets them.

For me, writing MM BDSM in first person means I am the submissive and my editor is the Dominant. It’s a priceless bit of torture I go through to give readers a story that makes them squirm in their seats, hold their breath with anticipation, and get weepy eyed over the denouement. I suffer for my art, I suppose.

In The Perfect Sub, Drew is a brat but he thinks he has to be perfect in order to win the man he fell in love with at first sight. Of course, he’s wrong. There wouldn’t be a story if he wasn’t. Holt isn’t the classic stereotype of a Dominant. He’s looking for love. He wants a relationship. He wants someone who can be faithful, not perfect. What he wants and what Drew wants are almost identical, but Drew is so stuck on the idea that Holt wants perfection that he never sees the truth and he’s too afraid of messing up his perfect act to actually ask the guy what he wants.

Anyone who thinks that men are always direct and ask for what they want is wrong. Oh, so very wrong. Men can be stubborn and blind. They can even be drama queens. Quite literally. Drew is a bit of a drama queen. Readers may become frustrated with him because of it, but I can’t change him. He is who he is and his idiosyncrasies are what drive the story forward.

I shouldn’t tell you any more. If I do, I may spoil the reading of the story for you and I wouldn’t want you to miss my first published book. I hope I’ve given you some insight into me as an author and into my book The Perfect Sub. It will be out soon and I’m very excited about the prospect. If you want to read a hot, little MM BDSM gem of a 1NightStand, you’ll want to try The Perfect Sub, even if it’s not—*ahem* perfect.

Author Bio

Jayson Locke is the pen name of a writer living in Southern California. The Perfect Sub is Jayson’s first published work in this genre. Obsessed with gay porn and kinky novellas, you will find Jayson on Twitter following gay porn stars and on Facebook with no friends yet. You can visit Jayson at

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