So, time to talk about my newest book.  You’ve probably read the professional blurb, so I’ll just tell you about it in less professional ways.

The story is about Avriel, a double agent for both the human and fae courts – the island they live on is split partly by a river, and the fae rule on one side, the humans the other.  So she is truly a child of both worlds…and in a way, a child of two realities.  There is a story – a massive, beautiful story about the Queen of the Fae and how she loved the human captain of the king’s guards but threw him aside so she could ascend the throne.  She lives in this world for most of the day, and believes, as everyone does, that this is how things happened.  But for three hours every night, she knows a different world.  A world where Edward is her husband and the Queen of the Fae is not at all what she seems…

But it is also a mystery.  There are two mysteries…one, why is Avriel the only one who knows the truth?  (Or is she just off her rocker?)  The more straight forward mystery is about the Dragon Egg.  The human and the fae have warred in the past, and each has a hostage to help maintain the peace.  For the human, it is a rare, lovely dragon egg…which gets crushed.  Now, to prevent a war, they need to find out what happened…Avriel because her bosses both want to know and Edward because he is hoping for redemption.

Next post, I’ll talk about naming characters!

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