Rebekah L. Purdy loves to write YA fantasy and paranormal romance. Born and raised in Michigan, besides crafting stories that takes the reader to another realm, Rebekah works full-time for the court system and belongs to the writing group YA Fiction Fanatics.

Family (both the two and four legged kind) also holds a special place in her heart. Rebekah Purdy has 6 children and stepchildren and a plethora of animal companions – dogs, cats…even a duck, guinea pig and turtle. That must make for a lively and joyful household!

The Fairy Godmother Files: Cinderella Complex is a fantastic story by a very talented author.  Not only does it have an interesting premise, the twists and turns throughout the book always keep the reader guessing. It was thrilling to explore this reality-meets-fantasy world of magic, spells, potions and all of the creatures that inhabit it. Maggie is a strong character, but realistic in that every teenager has their doubts and worries at time. This was a book I literally could not put down until the end, which only had me wishing for the sequel.

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