Laurie Sorensen delights the world with historical women’s fiction. She takes the audience to places they might not ever see. With her delightful characters she can transport one to beautiful Victorian England or any place in the world. Not only is Laurie a writer, but a wife, mother, a sister and a daughter. She works in a little shop in the local mall, ‘Cindy’s Country Gifts’ not only is a lovely place to work but the wonderful people there allow her to write at work during her down times. Laurie hopes that people who visit her workshop will find enjoyment. I know I did, as well as in her books; The Bride’s Journey is simply delightful.

The Bride’s Journey is a precious treasure. It is absolutely heartfelt, and poignant with vibrant characters that make the story so life-like. Benjamin is a sweetheart, with his caring and considerate ways. Abigail has so much heart and finds self-esteem when she is with Benjamin. Laurie Sorensen creates a breathtaking beautiful story that kept this reader glued in anticipation with every word. The combining, of the sweet, with the bits of twists, and turns along the way, makes this story one this reader would never tire reading. Thoroughly entertaining, this well-penned tale grabbed this reader from start to finish.

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