Thanks again for the opportunity to hang out today.

I’d love to keep in touch. You can find me on my website, Drops of Ink, and by signing up for my newsletter.

I also have a Facebook group Anne’s Books and Brews and you can find me in the Kiwi Authors Rainbow Readers Group and Rainbow Readers Club and The Sleepless City.

So what’s next for me?

I’ll be publishing Comes a Horseman very soon, then getting back to work on the 2nd edition of Prelude to Love, a New Zealand set romance.

Then, I have two new books! Both of these have complete first drafts, and are the first books in my spin off series set in The Sleepless City world.

Rosebound is a Wellington set paranormal with psi powers and is book 1 of Kiwi Psi.

Double Exposure is book 1 of Poneke Shadows, and catches up with Ben and Simon from The Sleepless City as they come to Wellington to introduce Simon to Ben’s family. Naturally it’s not exactly the holiday they’d planned.

As these two series are both set in Wellington and take place in the same universe, characters will cross over between the two.

I’ll be popping back to choose my winner early next week, and I’m looking forward to reading your comments and getting to know you.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my books, although I will be avoiding spoilers!

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