Here are a couple of excerpts from Taming James.

Excerpt One:

Alyssa watched Liv smile back, and realization dawned. With a wicked grin, she pulled Liv aside as Walt invited James to sit down.

“You’re sleeping with him,” Alyssa whispered.

“Alyssa,” Liv hissed. “Why would you say that?”

Her eyes, so like Liv’s, danced with amusement. “You can tell when two people are sleeping together. Tell me, tell me all the details. Is he good? I bet he’s good. He has that look about him.”

Liv just stared.

“Oh, come on. This is the first man you’ve slept with. I know you have to be dying to tell someone.”

She was. She took a deep breath and expelled it with a smug little laugh. “He’s good,” she admitted. “He makes me wonder why I waited so long. And he has the most fantastic hands.”

Alyssa clamped a hand over her mouth to contain her mirth. “I want to know more. When was the first time you did it? Where do you do it? How do you do it?”

“The night of the concert,” Liv replied, ticking off the answers to Alyssa’s questions on her fingers. “In bed, against the wall, on the table. And once against the front door because we just couldn’t wait. How? Oh my God, all different kinds of how.”

Alyssa hooted. “My, my. I’m hot just hearing about it. You’ve certainly jumped in with both feet. You’ve been busy this week.”

Liv grinned. “James says I’m a fast learner.”

Alyssa couldn’t stop the laugh from rolling out, and Liv joined in. It felt good to brag a little.

Excerpt Two:

Glenda sent him a fond smile and sipped her tea. “Yes. And when you grew up and moved out, the house became too quiet. Now, with Elizabeth hinting that her man may rise above boyfriend level, it makes me remember the old days a little more.”

“Ah, Mum. Don’t be sad.” James nudged her with his shoulder. “I’m still single.”

Glenda gave him a sideways glance. “I know. I also know how fast you manage to go through women.” She let out a quiet snicker when James flushed.

“I’m not careless with them, Mum. We always part as friends.” He paused. “I cannot believe we’re having this conversation.”

“No, you’re not careless. You’re too kind for that. You have your father’s personality, as well as his looks.” Her fingers traced the smiling man in the photograph in front of her.

“That was our last holiday with him,” James mumbled. “It wasn’t long after that when he got sick.”

“It was a tough time,” Glenda commented. “Cancer is a horrible thing.”

“He was brave. So were you. I wasn’t,” James admitted. “I was scared the whole time he was sick. And heartbroken when he died.”

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