Thanks very much for Coffee Time Romance for hosting me today to chat about winter, summer, and books.
In Maryland, we often experience brutal winter weather. In fact, today it's below freezing with icy conditions predicted. News stations play up any hint of snow in the forecast, because it gets them big ratings. Everyone rushes to the grocery store for the essentials: milk, toilet paper, bread and beer/Twinkies. The beer/Twinkies thing is a recent addition to the traditional “snowed-in” package.” You name, we get it. Ice, wind, snow, sleet, and fog, below-zero wind chills. Most people deal with it by turning up the heat, starting a fire, or brewing a hot pot of caffeine.
Personally, I like those methods, but I like another one, too. In winter, I like to read books that take place in the summer. The sound of crickets chirping replaces the noise of sleet slamming against my window. Sun and rain erase the long, dark, snowy atmosphere of my winters.
Can a book warm you? My book BENEATH THE SURFACE, a new release from The Wild Rose Press, takes place in Florida, during a hot and humid month. The characters wear shorts and t-shirts, scuba dive in seventy-degree water, and need sunscreen because the sun shines so hot. The hero and heroine, of course, heat up each other, too.
What do you think about reading a summer book in the middle of winter? Can it vicariously warm you, as you sip that tea or coffee in front of fire? Can it take you on a mini vacation without leaving the comfort of your chair?
I’d love to hear what you think about reading summer books when it’s cold outside. Thanks for stopping by today. 

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