So, soulmates! One would think having found your forever true love is the path to happiness and romantic bliss. Jonas Forge is a 200 plus year old vampire. He’s a detective, kinda grouchy but when you get beyond the gruff exterior he’s got a heart of gold. Forge likes his life, he’s happy and surrounded by good friends. He knows about vampires and soulmates. He doesn’t have one, but he’s got a man he loves, who loves him and they’ve been together for over 150 years. Forge’s police partner, Lucas Coate, is a werewolf, the brother Forge never had and the forensics specialist. Along with another vampire, Simon, they protect their town from supernatural threats as well as the human variety. Yeah, life is good.

Then his world is upended.

Forge’s soulmate falls, literally, down into his life. They discover how complicated being bonded and forever love with a fated mate is.

It’s really, really complicated!

The thing is, Forge has been a vampire for most of his life. He’s knows a few things about how they work. He’s pretty good at being a vampire. Forge’s soulmate is another story. He’s brand new to being a vampire and all he knows about what he’s become he’s learned from graphic novels and movies. The reality is a lot cooler and far more complex than pop culture.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention there’s a serial killer on the loose and Forge is hot on its (yes that’s right the killer is an it) trail. At the same time that killer’s sights are set on Forge and his soulmate!

If you like fated mates that aren’t immediately in love and perfect for each other, you’ll love Electric Candle! This pair of soulmates have to learn to become truly bonded.


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