If you’ve ever wondered how a writer can have a split personality, it’s because we live not only in fiction but we can live in several stories at one time. This week I am promoting PICNIC IN SOMEDAY VALLEY, doing edits on DINNER ON PRIMROSE HILL, writing the fourth book in my Honey Creek series, and listening to another book on tape. And, I just spent the last week driving through Texas bluebonnets doing research for another series.

I am so excited for the official release of PICNIC IN SOMEDAY VALLEY on April 27. You’re invited to join me for a picnic to celebrate my newest book in the Honey Creek series.  Grab your favorite food, drink and dessert, of course, and enjoy reading about the friends we made in BREAKFAST AT THE HONEY CREEK CAFE. Also, after being inside for the past year, I hope we can all take time to go on a picnic with our friends and family.







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