Hi again, Doralynn here, thought I’d post another quick excerpt from my character Danny’s perspective. I’ll give you the background on the real Danny. Dan Webb was one of my partner’s in the military police. We had some interesting assignments together. In a way, Danny was the love of my life… unfortunately, I let him get away. He once told me I’d regret that. I guess he was right. I used his real name in this novel, though this character is not like the real Danny. Danny was as faithful as they come. I’m sure some lucky woman is now married to the love of my life.

Excerpt from SLEEPING WITH SKELETONS available at The Wild Rose Press. 

The farmhouse’s blackened skeleton rose like an indistinct shadow in the diminishing daylight. Even from the orchard road the air smelled of sulfur. Danny hid the car in the trees, wondering how far behind his pursuer was, then made his way toward the sprawling, burned-out structure.

An eerie silence hung over the charred remains, and apart from a few nearby animal noises and his footsteps, there were no other sounds. He stepped over the shredded remains of the red and yellow fire and crime scene tape, ignored the danger signs, and walked into what had once been an entrance hall.

One side of the house, though severely fire damaged, still stood. Beams that shouldered the ceiling now leaned precariously, some were fallen and broken, collapsed against furniture that had been warped and melted in the fire’s heat. Charred and crumbling stairs led up into even greater destruction. Most of  the second floor was gone, and what remained lay below his feet or slumped against the first floor’s scorched walls.

The place was ready to collapse. If anything of significance still existed in this rubble, he needed to find it quickly. The demolition crews would arrive tomorrow to clear away the debris. He only hoped the place didn’t bury him in the meantime.


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