My Wings of the West series features overlapping characters during the 1870s, in locations from Texas to the New Mexico and Arizona Territories (Book 3, THE SPARROW, is set entirely in the Grand Canyon). The first book, THE WREN, is perma-free at all ebook vendors, so I hope you’ll check it out.

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The Wings of the West Series by Author Kristy McCaffrey

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Author Kristy McCaffrey

I’ve been writing since I was a child, and have been publishing for the last 20 years. Growing up in the southwestern U.S. spurred my love of westerns and so my first book – THE WREN – was about a girl who was abducted by Comanche and assumed dead, only to be found ten years later by a Texas Ranger who had known her then. There are currently eight books in the Wings of the West series with more on the way. Four years ago I branched out into contemporary romance with my Pathway series, exploring themes that interested me. DEEP BLUE is about a marine biologist who swims with great white sharks (there are people that do this, I’m not making it up lol), COLD HORIZON features a woman mountain climber attempting K2, the second highest mountain in the world, and ANCIENT WINDS is about archaeology in the Bolivian jungle. All of my stories have determined heroines, hot heroes, and steamy bits. You can check out all my work at my Amazon page.

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