Mine to Love
Quicksilver Garou: Lost & Found Mates Book 1

He’s finally found his fated mate …

And she doesn’t want him.

Carrick’s always known that he’d never find his mate. Never fall in love. Never have a family.

Until Nia fell into his life.

His attraction to her is immediate and powerful, and he doesn’t fully understand why until one of his brothers clues him in—

She’s his mate.

But Nia’s still reeling from her kidnapping and subsequent escape. This striking, powerful man telling her she’s his fated mate? It doesn’t compute. Even if she is attracted to him …

Carrick and his brothers are determined to liberate the other captives of the lab. And Nia’s determined to go with them, except she’s still too weak from her time there to be of any help.

Unless …

If she mates with Carrick, she’ll be rewarded with super strength and speed.

Will she mate with him, bind herself to him forever? And will he let her, knowing she’s only using him?

Mine to Love is a steamy fated mates paranormal romance featuring a dominant, protective hero and a heroine who’s not afraid to go after what she wants. Grab your copy today!

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Mine to Love by Author Fiola Faelan

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Fiola loves to write sexy paranormal romance. She’s always on the lookout for that next story, that next place to bury the body, that next alpha guy and strong woman to plot – and press – against each other in a new book. She kicks-ass and takes names in the beautiful Portland Metro area of Oregon, with her assistant, the frisky feline, Nudge.

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