A multitude of snippets of Christmases past flit through my mind but the one that sticks out is the second Christmas we spent in our current house.  It was nearly 27 years ago (remember we are talking memories) and several members of our family were here to share it with us.  My sister and her family (3 kids 8-11 years old), one of Howard’s sisters lived across the street from us and she and her daughter (12?) were in and out and Howard’s younger brother and his family (3 kids 5-11) came to stay with us.  When everyone was present it was a full house! And they were all here more often than not.  Christmas Eve was madness, wrapping paper, squeals and shrieks rebounding through the house (we opened gifts from each other).  The morning was best because the kids all opened their Santa package.  With that many kids around and still young enough to believe (some) in the Santa miracle was so much fun.  Best of all, we had a white Christmas!  Doesn’t happen very often where we live in N. CA, but that Christmas it did.  On Christmas day we woke to a white blanket everywhere and fat, fluffy snowflakes drifting through air.  Now you talk about madness!  Naturally, once the excitement of Santa had died down, all the kids wanted to go play in the snow.  Since no one was prepared for snow, we dragged out every boot, glove, mitten, scarf and jacket we could.  I think some of the kids wore socks on their hands.  Was hilarious watching them tromp around in boots huge sizes too big and jackets that hung to their ankles.  But they had a blast.  Snowmen, snowball fights.  It was great and to this day still brings a smile to my face.

Busbee, Shirlee - Southern Women - Banner all 72dpi



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