We aren’t a we without all of us.

The final book in The Sleepless City series is Shifting Chaos. This story completes the story arc of the series. It also dives deeper into the relationship between soulmates Jonas Forge and Blair Turner. They discover a deeper connection with help from an unlikely source. Our guys also have to use some pretty unorthodox methods to bring a demon down. They all discover deeply hidden aspects about each other, bringing them even closer together.

Chaos reigns in The Sleepless City and it’s really beginning to piss Detective Jonas Forge off.

He’s separated from his soulmate, Blair Turner. A separation he fears might be permanent. Nothing is going right. It’s as if the universe is conspiring against him. A long closed off door buried deep within his psyche cracks open when a turn of events flips his world upside down. There’s a monster behind that door and he’s not sure where the monster leaves off and he begins.

Hallucinations grip the town and demons lurk around every corner, causing havoc and threatening to tear the family in Boggs’s Castle to shreds. The only way forward is to bare all to each other. While Forge and Declan confront horrors from their shared past, they all learn a terrible truth about vampires—one not even imagined in their worst nightmare.

Can they control a monster in order to defeat a demon?

You can read The Sleepless City in eBook, paperback and in Kindle Unlimited. Visit The Sleepless City website and join us in The Sleepless City Facebook group.

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