Zombie Santa gameThis Just In – Santa Might be a Little Bit…Different…This Year

It’s obviously not news to you all that we’re currently undergoing a zombie apocalypse. If you’ve been hiding in a closet in your basement surfing porn sites in your underwear and were not aware of this…I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you. But there you have it. The Earth has been overrun by zombies.

What this means for the general public is painfully obvious. But you might have been wondering what Christmas during a zombie apocalypse will be like. To tell you the absolute truth, nobody’s quite sure. There have been rumors that Santa and his reindeer might have been infected. If this is true, I’m not entirely sure Christmas will still go on as planned. I mean, can zombified reindeer even fly? And what does the apocalypse do to gift giving? Zombie children have no need for toys. Will parents of zombie children be wrapping up severed arms and legs for Christmas? There are lots of unanswered questions.

But what of Santa himself? It’s true that he was recently spotted leaving a butcher shop with a raw steak in each hand and something red threaded through his snowy beard. Circumstantial evidence at best. I for one will wait to hear for sure that Santa’s been…

What? OMG! Really? Sigh… Okay. Thanks.

I’ve just been notified that Santa was spotted again, this time bent over a fallen deer. Maybe he was giving it mouth to mouth? He’s such a kind-hearted soul. But surely he needs to get into his sleigh pretty soon. Christmas Eve is waning…

Huh? Are you sure? All right. No, I’m not crying, that’s just my allergies.

I just received another announcement from the North Pole. They’re still determined to keep Christmas on track but they might need our help. Below is the infographic they sent me:

Oh my…oh heavens! We really need to help poor Santa. I’ll tell you what, in the spirit of making sure Christmas happens, I’ll award a prize (see below) to a randomly selected commenter who helps Santa pick his lead reindeer and an alternate form of transportation for tonight’s activities. Don’t forget to leave your EMAIL so I can tell you if you won.

Winner gets her choice of a zombie or a vampire vamplet baby doll:

Lily Rose Shadowlyn

Mortis Van Kilt III














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