Hello, Coffee Timers! I’m tickled to be with you today to celebrate my book birthday.

Runaway Love Story, Book 2 in the Book Nirvana series, releases today! A steamy (but not kinky) contemporary romance set in a bookshop in Eugene, Oregon, RLS features an ambitious, artistic heroine with her heart set on a big-city art career. She’s a runner–figuratively and literally. When the going gets tough, her M.O. is to run away. Hey, it’s always worked so far–sort of.

Fired from a Portland art gallery job for getting a little too creative, she’s on her way to San Francisco to find another. A detour to Eugene to help her beloved 90-year-old Great-Aunt Maxie sends her across the path (literally) of a tall, lanky guy with a shaved head and a dazzling smile who saves her from a pack of teen harassers. But he’s done, done, done with phony social climbers like his ex, and she’s clinging to her dream of a sparkly, big-city art career. Their fierce chemistry isn’t enough to keep her in Eugene, and he can’t leave, since his elderly parents count on his help.

More about the book in a bit. I’ve got my coffee and my book, and I’m ready to chat. My patio is my favorite place to read in summer. It’s my favorite place to write as well, though the glare on my computer screen makes it hard to read. Maybe that’s better—just push the words out and clean them up later.

Here in Tacoma, Washington, we talk about “June Gloom,” the cool drizzly weather that often follows our first heat wave. Since I wilt in the heat, I’m a fan of this cool respite.

What’s your favorite place for reading in summertime?

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