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Redemption: Taking an individual from a declined or corrupted state and restoring him or her to an improved condition.

Redemption is a key theme of The Conduct Series.

In With Good Behavior, parolees Sophie Taylor and Grant Madsen emerge from prison sentences caused by their association with the same man: mafiosi Logan Barberi. Prior to their arrests, Sophie and Grant were intelligent, hard-working, socially responsible professionals. After serving time, the two are frightened and desperate cons, fighting to remain on the outside.

They have to find jobs, stay clean, and make their weekly parole appointments. But what’s even more difficult is to crawl their way back to a sense of dignity and self-worth, somehow reengaging with family and friends that abandoned them long ago.

In Bad Behavior, they learn the path to redemption isn’t a solitary one. I recently blogged about another significant theme, healing, on my blog, Grant and Sophie discover healing also can’t be done alone.

Redemption fascinates me! In my work as a psychologist, I have the opportunity to witness individuals redeeming themselves on a daily basis. Men reeling from recent divorce, seeking a new normalcy. Women battling flashbacks of abuse. Teenagers rebuilding trust with their parents after making very poor decisions.

In my own life, I was betrayed by a colleague a few years ago. It really floored me, leading me to change jobs in an effort to pick up the pieces. To deal with the betrayal, I began writing. I had no idea I’d wanted to write fiction, but suddenly the words started pouring out of me. Writing has been one way I’ve tried to redeem myself.

How has redemption played a role in your life?

I ran across this video the other day and I thought it was so beautiful, I wanted to share it with you. It’s about getting up after you fall. It’s about redemption. Please click on “The Race”.

The Race

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