Abduction. Deception. A sick initiation. He was working undercover.
She was an innocent woman taken for him to prove his loyalty.
But she’s no stranger, and he’s wanted her since moving in next door to her.
He’ll do what he has to, and keep her alive.
But will she ever forgive him?

When he turned, Alexis didn’t waste any time making her move. She’d already noticed a door at the end of a short hallway, the glass window in the top half revealing that it led outside and to freedom. Realizing she needed to be quick, she sprinted to the door and pulled it open. She didn’t let the pouring rain stop her from running outside. And she was drenched within seconds. Her mistake was in halting to decide which way to go. There were no other houses around and the road, if you could call it that, was nothing but mud. They were surrounded by trees.

“Oh no you don’t.” She felt a hand in her hair and she was jerked back against Mike…Reid…whoever…and inside before she could let out a scream. He slammed the door and locked it, easily holding her.

Alexis began to struggle, frustration getting the best of her. “Damn you, Mike, let me go!”

“You little witch. I told you, my name’s Reid and I’m with the FBI.” His hands were everywhere in an effort to subdue her. “I’m trying to protect you!”

Alexis found herself pushed against the wall, and Mike-Reid followed her there with his body. He leaned into her and she was acutely aware of the powerful muscles in the thighs pinning hers, the strength of his hard chest crushing her breasts and his cock hardening. She moaned as a flashback of their earlier encounter surfaced.

“How, by keeping me a prisoner?” Alexis arched against him with the intention of throwing him off. She was becoming aroused at an alarming rate, but there was no way she was going to show this man she wanted to fuck him. Okay. Reid. If he was with the FBI, let him figure it out for himself. But she couldn’t stop herself from thrusting against him again, or prevent a moan of pleasure escaping. He groaned and thrust back.

Things stilled and it got quiet between them. They were too close. And the air around them was charged with a sexual energy that was palpable. Alexis slowly looked up at him. The desire etched on his handsome features was explosive and raw. He leaned the top half of his body away from her and dropped his smoldering gaze to her heaving breasts. Alexis glanced down. His white shirt was plastered against her, her taut brown nipples clearly visible. She caught her breath when he moved his hands to her waist, then slowly up her body until he was cupping her breasts.

*Previously released. New cover. New title. Updated content.

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