Tropical Balm by Franny Armstrong

To have a pandemic keeping us home gives us the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones, clean our houses, bake treats and work on our culinary skills. Well, some people simply get bored and watch endless hours of TV. (Sometimes I’m guilty of that)

For me, it means I can write, edit, and market my books. There is always something going on. My loved ones are with me 24/7, and although it can be frustrating at times, I have a chance to share my love with them on a regular basis.

When I write about the hero and heroines, I offer the characters a large range of emotions. Life isn’t always easy. Everyone has stress in their lives that can make or break a relationship. If we didn’t have difficulties, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good things and build up the strength to battle the bad.

I hope you enjoy the good times and cherish the holidays. Never surrender, never give up. Be well…

Franny Armstrong


ISBN: 9781370038169
Publisher: Franny Armstrong
Genre: romance

After twenty-six years of marriage, Teal Greenwood has a prophetic dream that she’s going to lose her husband, Alex, and twenty-two year old son, Zackary, in a plane crash. Alex scoffs at her prediction, and one week later, the police arrive to tell her something she already knows. Alex and Zackary are dead!

Selling everything she owns, Teal turns her back on her life in Canada, and runs away to paradise in Jamaica.

Ex-Ontario Provincial Police officer-turned carpenter, Camden Brooke, to build an addition on Teal’s home, for a young pregnant woman. The brawny Canadian-Scotsman takes one look into Teal’s Caribbean-green eyes, and falls for her.

Afraid to love again, Teal struggles to keep the block of ice around her heart. Can Cam charm his way through, forcing her to live and love again?


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