Thanks to everybody who’s stopped by so far today! I’ve had great fun with this blog, and I think I actually have a couple more posts (counting this one) in me before I collapse from exhaustion.

I’ve often been asked why I chose to write romance. Way back when I first started writing, I sort of thought I’d write either science fiction or horror, because that’s what I read. I never was much of a fan of romances, except for the aforementioned soap addiction and an affinity for fairy tales. In fact, you’ll find a definite Cinderella theme in SECRETS OF THE LOTUS, although it’s undeniably a contemporary romance.

And yet I kept coming back to romances. I even wrote one years ago that I’m currently rewriting and which will hopefully be my next novel. That one is titled (tentatively) WINTER SOLSTICE. I broadened my horizons when I wrote my other work-in-progress ALWAYS FAITHFUL. Although it has elements of romance in it, it’s more women’s literature and explores the relationships between women as much as the relationship between the hero and heroine. It’s also the longest (and most demanding) novel I’ve written to date. It’s now in the hands of my first reader (my wonderful husband), so stay tuned!

So considering the success I’ve had writing romances, I figured I’d try to come up with some good reasons, not so much about why I write romances, but why I want to continue writing them. And here they are:

  1. I like writing things that make me (and hopefully my readers) feel good. Love is beautiful in all its forms.
  2. I’m a pretty opinionated person on the subject of love and marriage, though I try to keep it to myself unless I’m writing.
  3. I like a challenge. My next romance will deal with a married couple. To date, all my novels have stopped when the hero and heroine get together and become a couple. Starting with a couple who are already married with kids is something I look forward to tackling.
  4. In spite of my age, I continue to believe in fairy tales.
  5. I suspect I might be a bit of a voyeur. Peeking into the lives of my characters and transcribing what I see there is fun!

And that’s my top five reasons for writing romances. For more information, please visit me on my blog BREATHE at

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