One last post before bedtime, just to thank Bonnie and the CTR crew for having me on here. I’ve certainly made the most of this opportunity, renewed some old friendships and hopefully started a few new ones. You’ve all been wonderful, and I am very grateful. I’ve really enjoyed the chance to tell you all a little about me, my writing, and especially SECRETS OF THE LOTUS! (And I loved the cute little graphic signature of my name at the end of the posts!)

It’s quiet here in my house finally. The TV is off, the kids are in bed and my kitchen is even clean. Nothing stands between me and my writing. I should be able to get a good two hours in before I even get tired!

A final reminder, if you’d like to check out my book or read any more of my blogging efforts, you are always welcome at my blog, BREATHE, I’ve even got a free fiction page over there where you can read some of my short stories. So stop by and say hey, if you’re having a cup of coffee and think of me.

Good night, everybody!

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