Kathryn R. Blake is a writer of romance that carries a touch of fantasy. She has been writing stories for over twenty years. Not only is Kathryn a wonderful writer, but she has a heart of gold. She has built a permanent page, on her site, dedicated to the loss of pets. The page was built as a memorial to her little dog Muffy, but it is for anyone who seeks solace from the sorrow that only another pet lover can understand. Just stop by and visit her site where you can read more, as well as get to know all the fantastic books that she has created. In addition, she also has some lovely pictures to show of her Christmas villages, as well as her vacation photos.

Mortal Illusions is a story that grips and engages the reader. There were many times that I was full of sadness, and then elated with joy. The characters of Germaine and Claire definitely pull the reader into their lives permitting them to share their wide range of emotions with the audience. The animosity, disloyalty, and anguish is overpowering as it passes down through many ages. Kathryn R. Blake pens a wonderful story that is breathtakingly captivating. The additional characters added great profundity to the tale. The storyline moved at a good pace and kept this reader aching for more of this precious gem. An extraordinary read that should be enjoyed by all.

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