Help!  What book should I work on finishing next?

Hello sexy romance readers.  I’m Fiona McGier.  I write contemporary erotic romances, with an occasional foray into paranormal, and I like to add suspense in the form of secret agent types to my books.  But usually my spies are female, and the men they meet have to deal with that.

So yeah, I’m in a quandary.   I’ve taken on another part-time job at night, so between my day-job and my night job, I’m not gonna have much time to write until the summer.  So what little time I can squeeze out becomes more valuable.  But I want to make it worthwhile.  So I’m asking you readers to please give me some direction here! 

What are your choices?  First let’s start with my most recent series.  I’ve been writing about romances up in the cold northern state of Minnesota because for the past few years we’ve really enjoyed camping up in the Boundary Waters areas.  We used to camp in the western area by Ely, a nice little camping town funded by tourism.  There are more slightly more restaurants than outfitters, but not by much.   Great food, nice people, and beautiful scenery.  But they had a huge fire a couple of years ago…we even saw the smoke and our skies got grey down here in the Chicagoland area.  It takes us about 12 hours to drive up there (and I drive fast) so you can imagine how astounded we were to realize where that smoke was coming from, and to imagine just how big that fire was!

But for the past 3 years we’ve been camping on the eastern side of the Boundary waters, up near Grand Marais.  You drive up to Duluth, then around the “north shore”, as locals refer to the western shore of Lake Superior.  Then when you’ve gone so far north you’re almost in Canada, you will arrive in the scenic arty town of Grand Marais.  Great restaurants and even more friendly people.  Plus you have your choice of swimming in Lake Superior (brr!  Cold year-round.) or the many lakes along the Gunflint Trail  that leads straight up north from the shore for a couple of hours, until you hit the Trail’s End National Park, that really is the end of the trail.

In fact, I love it up there so much that one year I started to cry while we were driving south and away from Grand Marais.  So I began to think about how wonderful it would be to fall in love with someone who was local to the area, so you could have an excuse to never leave.  I’m already in love with the scenery and the natural splendor.  So with my new love in mind, I wrote For The Love Of His Life.  What?  You haven’t read it yet?


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 Blurb: Can a sexy Hispanic action movie star find himself in the BWCA of upper Minnesota? Will the local woman he grows to love believe someone who “lies for a living”? 

And to read the entire first chapter free, head over to D. Reneé Bagby’s site:

 This is the book that my favorite reviewer Harlie chose as the best romance of the year in 2013.  Read her original review here:

Only One Man Will Do_150dpi_eBook

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Blurb: She’s never been satisfied with just one man.  He’s not willing to share.  What starts as a fling gets serious quickly, before it turns deadly. How far is he willing to go to keep her to himself?

Blurb: She’s ex-CIA.  He’s ex-KGB.  Can glasnost (openness) lead to rapprochement (a bringing together), and maybe even to love as west meets east?

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