Hello, I’m Elizabeth Noble and welcome to my day at Coffee Time Romance! I’m very excited to be here and share my books with everyone. I’ll start off with a little bit about me and my books.

When I’m not writing I’m a veterinary nurse and a single mom with three grown children. My baby will be 35 next week! How the heck did they get so old? I also have four grandchildren. Hmmm, maybe I’m the one that’s old? Naaaa… I live in Cleveland, Ohio with my two dogs and two cats. I love working in my garden and watching the stars (generally not at the same time).

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking get to the books already. So, here goes.

I write romance in a few sub-genres. I also have one series that’s urban fantasy with romancy bits, but isn’t technically a romance. More on that later. I write mystery/thrillers, urban fantasy, paranormal romance and the occasional contemporary/BDSM. My books are packed full of

Hurt/comfort  Found families  Second chance love  Suspense and thrillers  Imperfect heroes who don’t know how to quit

All of my books are available on Amazon. The books I’ve published myself are in Kindle Unlimited. I have a few titles with JMS Books.

I’ll be giving away a book off my backlist to anyone who wants to comment and keep me company by “talking” to me! Any comment on any of my blog posts will enter you into a contest to have a chance to win an eBook off my backlist. What’s your favorite sub-genre?

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