It’s October, so let’s talk about creatures and magic. I love both. I especially love having a world like my Fairview Universe where many of the creatures that you know roam free, along with a lot of beings you probably never heard of before. Let me introduce you to a few of them, and read carefully. Perhaps someone you know would make a good character in one of my books.

Demon: Demons are very laid back in general. They are good at math and science and will reason with you before anything else. Demons love logic puzzles and birding.

Witches: Very judgmental creatures. Witches like crafts and one of their favorite things to make are vampire killing stakes.

Tricksters: Tricksters are largely unsure what the plan is, because they never have one, and if there is one, they don’t follow it. They are annoying like that. Most of them are archers, and they shoot people in inappropriate places.

Taotien: This creature feeds on greed and want and is annoyingly hard to kill. Really, you can’t get rid of them if you try to, it only makes them clingy, and before you know it they write the introductions to your books and call you incompetent. They look pretty, but if you ever see one, run.

There are more creatures, and of course there is more magic in Fairview. The most recent book, A Time Apart, is now available for pre-order, and you should definitely go do that, because look at that cover! It’s gorgeous. This way, fair Reader:




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Check out the Fairview Chronicles:

#1: A Taste of Magic: When life takes a turn it might take you to a magical place full of monsters, murder, and love. Cora finds herself drawn into the magical underbelly of Fairview and attract the attention of sexy antihero Valerian Smith.

#2: A Scent of Longing: When Victor tries to kill the vampire who made him, he wakes to the heat of a healer’s kiss. This can be read on its own, and you’ll enjoy this if you like sexy gentlemen falling in love. One of them is even British.

#3: A Midsummer Night’s Demon: Son of the Lord of Hell, Lark flees an arranged marriage for the human plane, where he finds Chris. This one can also be read on its own, and if you want nothing but hot men in your romance, this one is for you.

#4: A Strange Desire: Is Beijing big enough to hold this fiery mage and the ego of the antihero who thinks he owns her? Things get poly in this one. It’s also a lot of fun, because Valerian is back, and really, haven’t you been missing him?


Author Bio:

Alexa Piper writes steamy romance that ranges from light to dark, from straight to queer. She’s also a coffee addict. She loves writing series, and her Fairview Chronicles follow a ragtag gang of supernaturals who try to make their city safer. Mostly. Her second series, Dusk & Dawn, explores banter and the trappings of a world in which Vampires, Werewolves, and the Fae live alongside humans. Connect with Alexa on Facebook or follow her on Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter!

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