As I was writing Chendell, I wanted the book to have a feeling of reality even though a superhero is by definition, unreal. So, I did a lot of research – especially about China. And I was impressed with what I found about some Chinese attitudes towards animals and nature. There are Chinese organizations that are fighting for the environment. There are animal shelters. And there are Chinese people who believe that animals should not be killed for their body parts. That is why Jamie Chen and his mother Ling believe that it is wrong and unnecessary to kill animals for medicines or decorative purposes. What would Jamie think of the coronavirus outbreak? He would feel that using wild animals for food is unethical and obviously risky. And CHENDELL would fight against it. Against biocide – the destruction of living creatures.


Thanks for checking out and learning more about CHENDELL with me. I hope you’ll join me on the adventure for the rest of the series!


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