One of my favorite holiday traditions is baking Christmas cookies with my grandmother. Each year, a few days before Christmas, my brother and I head to her house and we spend the entire day making cookies. It’s a rather long process, (dough making, rolling, cutting, baking, cooling, icing) but it is worth every minute.

We have bells, Christmas trees, snowmen, stars, reindeer, Santa, candy canes and snowflakes. These cookie cutters are arranged onto the dough and cookies are cut, placed on cookie sheets, and baked until they are a golden brown.

Decorating the cookies is the best part. (Okay, after eating them, that is.) We mix several shades of icing, usually blue, green, red, yellow, and sometimes purple. Cookies are iced and then covered in various sprinkles in all shapes, sizes and colors. We get some interesting combinations and the table is usually a mess when we are finished.

Finally, all the cookies are bagged and handed out to family members on Christmas day. To this day, I still think our cookies are the best!


T. C. Archer has donated a digital copy of their erotic paranormal Sin Incarnate.


ShawnSinIncarnateFinal200x300Forged in the fires of hell beauty becomes sin incarnate.

Something malevolent grows in Lorna’s soul. When she calls forth a lord of the underworld and begs for irresistible beauty, he asks one simple thing in return; she must serve him as one of the underworld females who tests mortal men…then torture them with her beauty when they fail.

Now, a thousand years later, this is her last night in the mortal realm and her final chance to find a man who can free her. But Lorna must discover her own capacity to love if she’s to save herself. Yet, even that won’t save the two men who shared her body. One of them must be sacrificed to the dark lord.


For a chance to win this great book, tell me about your favorite holiday cookies.


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