Whether you’re taking this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge or not, at some point many people think about writing a book. The majority will get stuck at the just think about part of their plan. Some will actually start writing, but few will ever finish.

Don’t let yourself be one of the few.

Writing a book is tougher than you’d think but if your heart’s set on penning a novel here are five easy tips to get you started and keep you going until you’ve typed the last word.

Know Your Why

We all have our own motivation for doing something. Sit for a few minutes and ask yourself why you want to write this book?

Has it been a lifetime ambition?

Maybe you had a parent who wrote?

Perhaps you’re inspired by your favorite author.

Whatever the reason, write it down, keep it somewhere safe and on days when you’re questioning why you’re struggling (and yes, there will be days like that), refer to it, hold it in your hand and remember why you’re doing this.

Don’t Throw In the Towel

I can’t tell you how many times I thought about giving up on my dream of being an author. When a rejection letter arrived in the mailbox. On days when what I’d thought was a perfect plot was suddenly falling flat.

We all get days like that whether you’re writing book number one or book 100. It’s natural but never give up.

Silence Your Inner Critic

I’ve written one hundred plus books, I teach, I tutor, mentor…yes, you’d probably think I’d be confident in my writing ability but truth is somedays I think my writing stinks.

Note the words I think. It’s only me and my inner critic feels that my writing’s terrible. Once again, it’s a natural process for writers to be self-critical now and then. Teams don’t win games every day, musicians hit the wrong notes some days, and singers are sometimes off key. It happens… no matter what you tell yourself, your writing doesn’t stink so keep on going.

Reward the Small Steps

I said writing a book is harder than you think. It’s blood, sweat and tears. It’s an uphill battle some days so please reward even your smallest achievements.

You’ve written something every day for a whole week…go binge watch your favorite show. Finished a chapter, grab that ice cream. Don’t wait until you finish that novel to give yourself a pat on the back. Each small step takes us closer to our final destination which in this case is a finished story.

About the Author

Susan Palmquist is an author, freelance writer, self-publisher and writing coach. Under her own name and also her pen name, she’s the author of 100 plus books. She’s the bestselling author of romances and also writes mysteries, short stories and non-fiction titles.

When she’s not writing she’s helping aspiring authors realize their dream. She teaches workshops through many of the chapters of the Romance Writers of America, and is also a tutor for a writing school. She blogs about writing related topics at This Writer’s Life and offers one on one critiquing, coaching and mentoring services.

You can find out more about Susan, her books and her workshops at www.susanpalmquist.com and her writing community site at www.thiswriterslife.com. You can contact her at susanpalm2010@gmail.com


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