Hope With Stickers: Irony, Book 2 by ML Crum

Some would say she has a lived a quiet, simple life. Born and raised in Frederick, Maryland, she lived in the same house for the first eighteen years of her life. She earned a Bachelors of Science and became a teacher. She has taugh students for more than fifteen years, during which time she furthered her education and obtained a Masters in Reading. Teaching remains a passion in her life, so much so, she always envisioned herself as only a teacher, until several years ago.

Divine inspiration stepped in, and she was reminded of a forgotten passion – writing. Always an avid writer throughout her childhood and into her teens, her love of writing extended into college where the focus slowly then turned to teaching others. Somewhere along the line, between college, a new career and family, the joy of writing for herself became secondary.

She is pleased to say that she has rediscovered this joy. Resulting is her debut novel, Irony of Time. Following this debut, the companion novel, Hope with Stickers, was just released.

She continues to lead a quiet life in Pennsylvania with her husband of twenty years and two spirited children.

One of the best things about this story was the well-developed characters, from the main ones to supporting ones. There were several colorful characters and each added their own bit to the story which in itself had many parts and plot twists, but even though it might seem scattered at first they are actually all connected in one way or another. This story had a bit of everything with some mystery, suspense, romance, some serious sexy times, and some downright heartwarming scenes. This is the second book of a series, but you do not have to read the first book to enjoy this one

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