Hello! I’m really excited to be here at Coffee Time Romance today! 

My name is Karin Harlow and I write romance!  I always get a kick out of saying that, as if I’m some kind of addict at an AA meeting.  I guess you could call me an addict.  I’m addicted to reading and writing romance.  My debut paranormal romantic suspense- -action adventure thriller [those last three add-ons came by way of several reviewers] ENEMY LOVER, Pocket Star, releases Tuesday the 25th.  To say I’m excited is an understatement.  I mean the cover alone is drool-worthy, and my publisher has backed me 100% on this book.  ENEMY LOVER is book one in the L.O.S.T. Last Option Special Team series.


But honestly, no one has worked harder on this book than me.  It took a lot out of me.  It took a lot out of my family and it took a lot out of Jax and Marcus, the two most important people in ENEMY LOVER.  Talk about fitting a square peg into a circle! L.O.S.T. operative, Jax Cassidy, is a human on a mission to destroy Marcus Cross and his boss who has his eye on the white house.  She is instructed to use whatever means necessary to achieve mission success.  Except…

Houston we have a problem.

Cross is a vampire who owns the term, who likes what he is, an assassin, and who also lives for the thrill of the hunt, and the ultimate culmination: the kill. But that doesn’t stop Jax.  As one reviewer said, “Jax puts the kick in the kickass heroine.”   I loved writing Jax. She is the first person I’d call if I needed help. I fell in love with Marcus the minute she did.

ENEMY LOVER is not for the faint of heart.  Jax and Marcus have serious issues, issues they don’t sweep under the carpet.  Issues that have defined them and made them who they are now.  Yet, despite those deeply rooted issues, they find a way to fall in love.  And, to ultimately find their HEA.  It’s why I write romance.  I can’t go all that way, invest my heart and soul into a couple who have battled themselves, the elements and the wrath of a very bad person only to not end up together!   Never.  The perilous journey will always have a just reward in my books.  It’s why I rarely stray outside of the romance genre.  I want the chocolate at the end.  🙂

How about you?  Are you a hardcore romance reader or do you stray?  Comment and be entered to win a very cool custom L.O.S.T. latte mug!

Thanks for stopping by! And hey, feel free to hop on over to my website www.KarinHarlow.com and check it out.  Or friend or like me on fb or follow me on twitter (which I am slowly getting up to speed on!)!  Oh, and coment today and be entered to win one of these very cool custom L.O.S.T. mugs!



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