SJ_HardAsRock_large(1)Meet Canna, the insatiable faery from Hard As a Rock. She may be green, but she’s no newbie when it comes to The Pleasure Club. Patrons of the Club think she’s a pleasure poltergeist as she takes part in their sexy adventures, and this flirty faery loves to keep her secret!

Canna’s got her eyes on the club’s resident gargoyle statue, a seven-foot-tall Goliath among the rest of the club’s kinky decor. Even though he’s not real, Canna’s nightly visits with him certainly feel almost real enough…

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Her obsidian god stared back at her.

She shrank back down to human size and sighed.

The creature wasn’t real, of course. In fact, its purpose was mainly aesthetic. Few people climbed onto the fierce gargoyle guarding the doorway into the rest of the club. Canna certainly didn’t mind; it made him all the more her property.

Seven feet of black volcanic rock loomed over patrons’ heads. His mouth pulled back in a menacing growl, only partly open. Long black hair draped down his back as shiny and lifelike as any centaur’s. His half-extended wings nearly touched the floor. They flanked a trunk bulging with muscle and strength, scarred with streaks that must have been from being moved around over the years. Had he been a real gargoyle, the sculpture would undoubtedly lead his pride as an alpha.

She called him Goliath, like the giant brought down by a rock as solid as he was. As with every statue and machine in the Pleasure Club, he was warm and life-like to the touch. In previous centuries, his gem stature would crack beneath such use. Current standards for precious stones dictated chemical treatment for lasting durability.

He often cooled in the daytime hours, however, which Canna attributed to lack of power. Some exhibits simply warranted less electricity due to their infrequent use. His volcanic glass could also be to blame. Had he been real, his stone body would cool during the day as well.

“My rock-hard giant,” she murmured, running her glittery green fingernails up his enormous bicep. Curling herself into his form playfully, she marveled at how their bodies practically glowed against one another. Her bare, sea foam skin and emerald hair sharply contrasted against his iron-like sheen.

Twirling back out to face him, her grass-green eyes sparkled up at his stone irises. His eyes bore back into hers, their inky depths casting dual black holes for her to fall into. The pupils had been etched quite realistically, with swirls of varying shades of ebony. Not for the first time, she sensed wild life within them.

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