Does this sound familiar?

You’ve had a great idea for a story for what seems like months. It’s your best yet and you have a feeling this one’s going to be the manuscript that gets you published.

You sit down, you begin to write and write, but then something happens.

You realize the once great story seems to be just the opposite. The characters aren’t coming across as real…

You call it a day, thinking you’ll get inspiration tomorrow, but tomorrow turns into next month, and before you know it, you have a half finished manuscript sitting on your computer or in a notebook.

Some writers give up at this point but those who are destined to be published never do. Look at it as something that happens to all great writers, pick yourself up and get back to work with the following tips-

Read It Through

Sometimes all you need to kick start a story is to read it through again. There might be something that will spark a new idea. In fact, sometimes letting a story rest for a bit is the only thing that’s needed.

 Fall in love all over again

Think about what made you passionate about this story in the first place. What made you want to sit down every day and write this tale? Make a list of things and try and get the enthusiasm back again.

Join a writing community or have an accountability partner

Sometimes writing is like suddenly being your own boss. It’s scary when you don’t have someone looking over your shoulder or telling you what to do. If you’re with like-minded people and tell them to make you accountable for finishing the story that’s sometimes all it takes.

Give yourself a deadline

I sometimes procrastinate about projects and have to give myself a deadline. Once I’ve done that things go smoothly. Tell yourself I want to finish this story the end of the month.

Enter a Contest

A contest gives you a deadline and a goal to work toward both of which will kick-start your story.

Who knows you might even get a publishing contract or win first place.

About Susan

Susan Palmquist is an author, freelance writer, self-publisher and writing coach. Under her own name and also her pen name, she’s the author of 100 plus books. She’s the bestselling author of romances and also writes mysteries, short stories and non-fiction titles.

When she’s not writing she’s helping aspiring authors realize their dream. She teaches workshops through many of the chapters of the Romance Writers of America, and is also a tutor for a writing school. She blogs about writing related topics at This Writer’s Life and offers one on one critiquing, coaching and mentoring services.

You can find out more about Susan, her books and her workshops at and her writing community site at You can contact her at


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