Kelsey Jordan is the author of The Gardinian World novels. Though she has a preference for all things paranormal and romantic, Kelsey admits she just writes what her muse demands of her. It’s less painful that way. When she isn’t enjoying the momentary benefits of playing god to the many characters that live in her head, she can usually be found curled up with a book, killing something in a video game, or spending time with her family. At some point in the day she is probably drinking more than her recommended dose of coffee, but don’t tell her that. She doesn’t care about recommended servings.
As a Texas native and self-described Air Force brat, Kelsey now lives in Georgia with her husband and their tutu-wearing minion.

With each new book of this series I fall more and more in love with this world. I particularly like Jordan’s take on shape-shifters, they are not what is normally seen in this genre, and the distinctive mythos/religion she created for them and their gods is awesome. The story draws you in, and multiple POV switches are smoothly executed adding complexity and detail to the story instead of confusion. There are plots within plots, just when you think something will go a certain way you are shown the error of your ways and led down a different and unforeseen route. I would not advise reading this book without reading the first two beforehand, only because you would miss the beginnings of the world built, though there is a glossary included to help the reader out if needed. This story was so emotional and poignant, but still there are happy parts, very happy parts and going through the ups and downs is so worth it. This book made me weepy and I am hardly ever weepy after reading a book! I look forward to the next chapter.

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