Paranormal romance writer Alexa Piper has compiled this tried and tested list for those who wish to imbibe. If you choose to do so, overindulgence is not advised, nor is any activity that could endanger you or others: if you drink, drink responsibly.


  1. Whiskey

I’m a Scotch drinker. I like Talisker, Laphroaig, Ardbeg, to name a few. Last year, I went to Dublin, and for some mysterious reason, I found myself in the Whiskey Museum, chatting to the bartender. That day, I rediscovered Irish whiskey, and from the sampling I did, it is good. The nice people in the duty free area at the airport made me sample more and then sold me a lovely bottle of Knappogue Castle. Good stuff.

  1. Gin

I’m new to gin, but I like it. I’m based near Munich, and there’s a bar there that specializes in G&T, which sounds weird, but depending on the gin and the tonic you use, the drink changes a lot. I also like gin neat, which is not for everyone.

  1. Rum

It’s great in cake, and any fruit soaked in the stuff is much improved for it. My German heritage demands that I make a so-called “Feuerzangenbowle” at least once a year during the holiday season. This is basically mulled wine with a sugar cone placed on top of it, soaked in rum, and lit on fire. I think if you wish to become a naturalized citizen, you need to be able to recite the recipe by heart.

  1. Wine

Dry and red of course. Well-aged. Some Californian wines have recently surprised me. I like a Garnacha or a Barolo, but will experiment.

  1. Plum Wine

Plum wine is nice, you should try it sometime.


Bonus: A drinking game for movie lovers.

The rules are simple. Pick your drink of choice and grab a copy of Desire Under the Silver Screen. Whenever you see a reference to a movie or TV show or video game, you drink. If you make it to the end of the book, you win, if you give up before the credits roll, I win.

A variation of this can be played with The Hunter’s Bride. Whenever a character drinks, so do you. Good luck!

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