Eden writes erotica, provocative stories incorporating all her favorite things: travel; culture; and sex. Sometimes there’s romance, sometimes not. Sometimes there’s a happy ending, sometimes not. What is consistent are the multi-dimensional characters who grow and change as the stories progress. Sex is the backdrop, but a very important element in their evolution.

Eden left a long and distinguished career in banking to become a full-time writer. As a fraud consultant, she honed some important skills that have helped her make the transition, the most important one—perseverance.

She lives in Toronto, Canada with her extremely good-natured and tolerant husband whom she sometimes refers to as “Ramone.”

Each story in this anthology is meant to serve a different purpose. One was unexpected passion followed by extreme kink, then unvarnished emotions and finally unfailing love that refuses to die. Together the stories are a well-orchestrated symphony of emotions inspired by each character and their unique lives. Eden Baylee is an amazing writer with amazing depth of character and emotion in every word. I highly recommend Fall into Winter for all readers with the warning that you will become enthralled with the amazing talent.

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