Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying the Book Brew event! I love reading all the posts and excerpts! I’m adding more to my extensive TBR list and they’re all worth it!

I’m back to add an excerpt for the second book in the Merriweather Witches series. The first two books, The Witch and the Wolf, (I posted an excerpt earlier) and The Witch and the Vampire, do not have to be read in order. The two books take place at the same time while the Merriweather sisters escape their odious uncle and find the heroes their hearts are yearning for!

There’s no doubt that my love of all supernatural creatures stems from my early exposure to the 1960’s TV soap opera, Dark Shadows. My mother was already a fan from when the show originally aired and when it went into syndication she watched the re-runs every night when I was a kid. For anyone unfamiliar with the show, it was about a wealthy family in Maine and the drama and interactions with various types of supernatural creatures.

Each episode ended with a cliffhanger that left me begging, “What happens next?”

My mom never told me. Her response instead? “We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.”

Oh, the agony!

That was the beginning of my love for vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, ghosts and anything else that goes bump in the night. The compelling characters and complicated storylines drew me in. The show probably influenced my love for suspense, too! I never knew what was going to happen next on that show.

And that’s something that I’ve tried to bring to my writing. I like to keep readers turning the pages, asking that suspense-filled question… What happens next?

I hope you enjoy the excerpt. If you’re interested in reading more about my stories, please check out my website and blog.

Happy Reading!


thewitchandthevam_w4824_680The Witch and the Vampire

Melora Merriweather is searching for a fellow witch to protect her from a scheming uncle with plans of marriage. When her carriage overturns on her journey, she is rescued by a mysterious man whom she learns is the very person she seeks. But, he’s not the witch she thought he was…

Sebastian Collins should have left for London days ago. Now a snowstorm has trapped him with a woman who has come seeking protection, a woman who intrigues him like no other. And with each passing hour, his hunger for her grows…hunger for her kiss, her caress, and her blood.


A sigh escaped her lips as she traced one finger along his cold white cheek, marveling at the tiny shocks that trembled through her hands at the contact.

“I fear,” he muttered, turning back to look at her. “I will kill you.”

She shook her head. “You won’t. I trust you.”

“I do not.”

She leaned down to place her lips on his, thrilling at the feel of his cold lips against hers. “I won’t let you,” she told him, smiling into his mouth. “I’m a witch, you know. I can stop you if I have to.”

When she tilted her head back, she saw the understanding brighten his blue eyes. Trust and hope flared in his eyes, and she was amazed at how innocent he looked as he slowly sat up, curling her into his embrace. He seemed like a young boy, unsure but willing to allow her to lead him into the dark unknown.

“I do not know if I’ll have the strength to stop. Are you certain you can stop me before…?” He asked, unwilling to complete the thought. He leaned over her, nuzzling her cheek, taking deep gulping breaths, inhaling her scent. His hands trembled as he held her. She wrapped her arms around him, holding him tight against her.

“Yes,” she breathed, tilting her head to the side, allowing him easier access to the vein pulsing in her neck.

He paused only a moment more, and then kissed her throat. His tenderness warmed her. The gentleness in his touch awed her. He suffered so much. He had hungered for so long, and yet he found the strength to gently ease his bloodlust upon her.

With another tender kiss, she felt the piercing of his teeth puncturing her skin. She stiffened at the intrusion, but the pain only lasted a moment. In its place came liquid warmth spreading through her veins, traveling along her skin and acting as an aphrodisiac. She trembled in his arms as she felt him sucking the blood from her throat.

He groaned in bliss as he fed. With one arm supporting her, the other caressed her, stroking her hair, her cheek, down along her arm and then onto her back.

She clung to him, letting the warmth fill her.

The desire she had felt for him blossomed anew at such an intimate contact. She cursed the fact that they lay in the snow instead of the comfort of a bed with a roaring fire just beyond.

He paused as if sensing her thoughts. He lifted his head, breaking from his feast to stare briefly into her eyes.

“You taste…” he whispered, hoarsely. “I’ve never tasted such…” She smiled at his awe, and with one hand pushed his head back to her throat. He continued feeding, and she marveled at the sensation, until she felt the beginnings of disorientation.

It was time to stop. He was taking too much.

“Enough,” she whispered.

He did not stop. Instead, he nuzzled her neck and drank more.

“Stop,” she said her voice louder this time.

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