It’s great to be at the blog today. I’m Echo Ishii and I write fantasy and SFR/ Futuristic Romance. I love all kinds of pairing and all levels of heat. I write for Changeling Press, so my books are at the hotter end of the heat level.

My current SFR series is the Terran Series. In the far future, humans head the Terran Republic which stretches across the galaxy with many different alien worlds. They are ruled by a galactic senators with lots of power and the Terran  genetically engineered soldiers designed to keep the peace. It’s a mix of military SF and space opera with lots of romance so check them out if you are interested. Terran Temptation is a bout a scientist designing a weapons system on an alien world and the Terran soldier whose legion is guarding the world.

Terran Seduction focuses on a Terran Senator on her mission to find a secret alien weapon and the Terran soldier whose sent to find it. Terran #3 is coming soon, this time with fight pilots, sentient ships, and telepaths. 

Even though my main hero/heroines in the first two books or more or less human, I was fascinated with creating alien creatures. Most famous franchises have aliens-Star Trek has Vulcans and Klingons which are such a part of popular cultures that even those who aren’t fans know what they are. For many SF adventures, space operas, and SF Romance, a good alien species sets the mood and whisks you away to a truly different world.

What makes someone more or less human? What makes them alien? At first, I stuck to obvious traits. Blue and green skin; tails, antennae; unusual eye colors. Then I asked myself, but how would they see the world differently? If an alien has wings does that mean they always fly? Are their houses built higher up? Do they look down on aliens who can’t fly? Or maybe their winged bodies make their body structures lighter. 

Or if you alien is aquatic, do they need special equipment to survive on a ship with others? Does it affect their ability to communicate or speak the same language as oxygen-breathing aliens? 

SFR is wonderful because it can explore all these questions and the writer can use these changes to their advantage. When I start off with a unique alien, I try to think of the ways in which their worldview would be different and this makes writing the draft a lot of fun. 

What is your favorite alien species in a book, movie, or series? 


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