I think of myself as an attractive person. I’m not saying I have any grand delusions, just “attractive”. I may not be one of the beautiful people of the world, but my features (except my nose) are fairly regular and with a little makeup my skin is still pretty smooth for a 40-year-old. My hair tends to be shiny, and with a little help can look decent.

You know, attractive. You might not turn around to watch me walk away, but you wouldn’t turn away when you see me coming, either.

So why is it that some days no matter what I do with makeup and hair dryer I look like death warmed over in an ugly pot? And other days I barely run the brush through my hair and I’m satisfied with the way I look. Not thrilled, necessarily, but satisfied.

And why am I asking you this? Well, Bonnie asked me to introduce myself in my first post. So I took a good long look in the mirror and started thinking: Do I always look like this?

I’m a mother of three, the PTO president of my son’s elementary school, wife to a wonderfully supportive husband, and a writer. Do I look like any of those?

Well, the gray hairs give away the three kids—and the PTO presidency, probably. Wife? Yeah. I look pretty happy, so you could probably guess about the great husband.


No idea. Writers come in varying degrees of attractiveness and some of the best writers might even be classified as homely. We’re not known for our looks like actors and even musicians are these days. Writers hide behind the screen of their work. You might find a picture of us on the covers of our books—or you might not.

I reckon—I’m from the South, so that’s proper English—I reckon I look the same no matter what part of my life I’m living. Sometimes maybe I look a little better than others. Sometimes I’m sure I look a lot worse. But for the most part, this is me that I see in the mirror.

Michelle Garren Flye: mother of Josh, Ben and Jess; wife of Chris; author of SECRETS OF THE LOTUS published in ebook form by Lyrical Press in July 2010.

Nice to meet you.


What would you trade for the story of a lifetime—a lifetime of love?

Society reporter Josie Stewart is all too familiar with billionaire Dan Mason, who recently took over the reins of his ailing father’s business. He has no intention of allowing anything, even his own conscience, to get in his way.

When Josie accidentally uncovers one of the family secrets, she glimpses a side of Dan that most people never get to see. Drawn to him, she puts her own career and reputation in jeopardy to keep his secrets. But some of those secrets are darker than she knew. Neither Dan nor Josie expects the danger lurking in their future—or the passion.

For more information, visit http://michellegflye.wordpress.com.

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