The Fairview Chronicles is a series that was made for lovers of paranormal romance. The books are fast paced, funny, and hot as hell, which happens to be a nice place. All of them are LGBTQ reads to varying degrees. Let me give you a brief overview so you can decide where you want to start:

#1: A Taste of Magic: When life takes a turn it might take you to a magical place full of monsters, murder, and love. Cora finds herself drawn into the magical underbelly of Fairview and attract the attention of sexy antihero Valerian Smith.

#2: A Scent of Longing: When Victor tries to kill the vampire who made him, he wakes to the heat of a healer’s kiss. This can be read on its own, and you’ll enjoy this if you like sexy gentlemen falling in love. One of them is even British.

#3: A Midsummer Night’s Demon: Son of the Lord of Hell, Lark flees an arranged marriage for the human plane, where he finds Chris. This one can also be read on its own, and if you want nothing but hot men in your romance, this one is for you.

#4: A Strange Desire: Is Beijing big enough to hold this fiery mage and the ego of the antihero who thinks he owns her? Things get poly in this one. It’s also a lot of fun, because Valerian is back, and really, haven’t you been missing him? A Strange Desire is available for pre-order now.

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