Tracy Cooper-Posey’s Bio: When I tell people I’ve been writing since I was 14 they tend to look  at me a little oddly, but it’s quite true. I fell in love with Harrison  Ford and Star Wars at the  exact same moment, and wrote the unofficial sequel in the following  year. Of course, I had Han Solo and Leia falling in love long before the  sequel came along, and in much more satisfying fashion than George  Lucas ever managed…Emma Darcy Award winning author of thirty-plus titles. Our very own Cherokee is quoted on Tracy’s website as saying…touches the heart and makes you feel everything~Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance

Now check out my fourth paragraph of Blood Knot. It will explain exactly why I chose this novel for the Award. You have got to agree!

What I loved most about Blood Knot is that you get to see the many different facets of these three characters. While it is mainly from Winter’s point of view, the vigorous feelings each character has for the other two comes through loud and clear in this beautiful tale. Not only do you get to read a brilliantly written story, but Ms. Cooper-Posey gives us a novel full of many different elements that seem to add hard-edged curves, unbelievable circumstances, and overwhelming odds to the book. The way Winter interacts with Nathanial and Sebastian gives the reader a real chance to see beyond a tale of sex with two men and see the many complications that arise from such a relationship. The ending has me hoping that there will be more enchanting tales that include the other enigmatic vampires that we meet toward the end and who is affected by the outcome of the characters’ mission.

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