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Snow in December wasn’t uncommon in many parts of the country. Snow in southern Arizona, however, was. Or so Irena had been told. An unusual storm front was passing over the desert, and the greater Sierra Vista area was quickly becoming blanketed with pristine flakes. Two days until Christmas and the winter flurries were making the holiday season feel that much more festive.

Irena, an Arctic fox shifter, certainly welcomed it, along with her mate, Roberto, a mountain lion shifter, who craved the colder climate right around this time of year. Although they resided in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, they regularly escaped to higher elevations to enjoy not only the snow but also the tranquility.

This year, though, they weren’t minding in the least being among many. Many being six other adults along with the precocious and adorable Leah. Irena and Roberto had been invited to spend the holiday in Arizona by Mason, a hawk shifter and now tribe leader of the Tohono O’odham. They’d come to know him by way of Max Collier, a wolf shifter and Mason’s fellow tribe member.

Much had happened over the last six months since Max had come through Honduras, seeking help from other shifters. Roberto and Irena had been eager to assist, knowing the success of his mission meant safety for all in the shifter community. What had started with Mason and Charity at Ft. Huachuca continued with Brennon, Max, and Mikki in Guatemala, and ended with Max and Caterina in Honduras.

Irena loved her new friends and the relationships they had quickly and solidly forged. And when invited to spend the holiday in their company, she and Roberto hadn’t hesitated to accept.

“Come, Ástin mín, let’s go to bed,” Irena cooed.

“I hope you hadn’t planned on falling asleep right away, mi amante,” Roberto whispered in her ear as they wound their way to the guest room.

“No, my lover.”

As soon as the door was quietly closed, Irena was engulfed in her mate’s arms, his lips sealing to hers. She responded passionately, opening immediately to allow his tongue the entrance it sought. He swept inside, his exploration sensual, thorough. Roberto nibbled and licked, his lips gently possessive. When she moaned, he growled, nuzzling her neck.

“Ah, mi amor, you stir my blood every time as if it is the first time.”

Irena began removing her clothes. “As do you, my love. And it would be so much better if you were naked.” She chuckled when he growled again, but shed his clothes in record time. When they were skin to skin, he lifted her body against his and stalked to the bed. He sat on the edge as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Roberto began to release her hair from its perpetual braid, tenderly combing his fingers through the silver strands until they draped across her chest. He trailed his hands down its length, brushing across her peaked nipples, earning a moan of delight.


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Forever Feral (Shifter Clans Book 4) by Laura M. Baird

Cover: Forever Feral (Shifter Clans Book 4) by Laura M. Baird

Shifter Holiday Romance

When invited to spend Christmas in Arizona with their friends they now consider family, Irena and Roberto don’t hesitate. The Arctic fox shifter and mountain lion shifter are right at home among the others—hawk shifters Mason and Brennon, wolf shifter Max, and their mates, Charity, Mikki, and Caterina. Not to mention the precocious and delightful Leah, Charity’s niece.

The holiday brings welcomed surprises such as proposals, babies, and snow in the desert. Brought together under dire circumstances and bonded by kinship, these shifters and their mates discover a love that will forever be feral and ever-lasting.


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