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“I’m a patient man and perfectly capable of waiting a few days before you decide to pick me.”

She let her mouth drop open.

Ranulf chuckled. “I’m kidding. Take all the time you need… to pick me.”

She laughed. “I’m telling Lucien on you.”

“Tell him. See if I care.”

“Tell me what? You’re talking about me, right?” Lucien entered the room and looked between her and Ranulf. “What’s the joke?”

Eris was about to tell him when Ranulf covered her mouth and said, “Nothing.”

She called him a chicken shit, but his hand muffled her words.

Lucien asked, “What’s going on?”

Ranulf shook his head at Lucien. “Nothing.” He nodded at Eris. “Right, Eris?”

She nodded with him.

He removed his hand slowly, but she kept her mouth shut.

Once he stepped back, she jumped behind Lucien and said, “Ranulf said I should choose him.”

“I was kidding. A little joke to lighten the mood.” He faced Lucien. “I meant nothing by it.”

“Yes, you did. You said it twice.” Eris’s voice was high like a child’s, and she pointed at Ranulf.

Lucien said, “He’s not wrong. You should choose him.” His deadpan statement brought an end to the joking atmosphere.

Eris felt he meant every word in all seriousness.

Ranulf put his hand on Lucien’s arm. “I was only joking, Lucien.”

“Were you?” He pushed Ranulf’s hand away. “You really think you were joking?” Lucien didn’t wait for an answer. He pulled out from between Ranulf and Eris and left the way he’d come.

Eris looked at the doorway then at Ranulf. “What was that?”

He didn’t answer, only stared at the doorway.

“Ranulf, what’s going on? Why was Lucien so upset?”

“It’s nothing.”

“The hell you say. You two said nothing would change, no matter what my choice—if I choose.”

Ranulf looked at her then. “If?”

“I will not be the reason your friendship is ruined. I refuse.” She backed away when he would have touched her. “No. As a matter of fact, I’m putting a stop to this right now. Thank you for the invite, and I would have dearly loved to go, but—”

“Eris, you’re jumping to conclusions.”

“—it seems I must decline. I’ll repay the money for the dress. And I hope this whole situation won’t hurt our working relationship.”


She left the room before he could finish, and he didn’t chase her.


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Eris (Eternal Truths 1) by D. Reneé Bagby

Eris by D. Renee Bagby (cover)

Time Travel Romance

Only time knows if they are meant to be together.

Immortals Lucien and Ranulf have survived to see the modern era to be with the woman they both love once more. Equally anticipating and dreading the reunion, they’ve vowed to let her decide which of them she wants to be with. But are they prepared to let one woman end a friendship that has lasted centuries?

Eris has just started her dream assignment. She’s not looking for an office romance, but her new bosses aren’t making it easy for her to avoid it. And right when she gives in to their joint seduction, she ends up tossed back in time to the medieval era where the men she loves have no clue who she is. What’s worse, they think she’s the enemy.

The Lucien and Ranulf of the past are rough and dangerous. Eris is doing everything she can to survive them while searching for a way back to her time. But returning home means confronting an undeniable truth, one that could end their relationship forever. It’s up to her to decide if her heart is strong enough to handle the love of two men and the reality of their enchanted existence.


Available in Ebook & Print:

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