BNR - CTR Book Brew Sparks

Pleased, Brett turned to speak with Roger.

“Thank you, Roger. I promise to be a good boy for her.” Brett grinned, mentally crossing his fingers.

“I want you to keep her safe, Brett. Whatever is going on, I don’t want her hurt. Do you have any leads?”

“I have something cooking, but it’s too soon to say. When I do, you’ll be the first to know.”

As Brett shook Roger’s hand, Lana came back into the room. She’d become so tense, her back flattened to ram-rod straight. Concerned she might fracture her spine, he did his best not to laugh, though he could tell she’d become royally pissed.

“I’m ready to go, Mr. Colton, if you’ll come with me please? Do you have a bag?”

Seeming fit to be tied, she pasted a fake smile on her face, and he could tell she wanted to take him down a peg or two. He’d acted outrageously, sure she’d not want him in her home.

Nodding politely, Brett answered, “I have my bag stored, and I can pick it up later. Lead on, and I’ll follow.” He winked, watching as the smile slipped a little. He admired her determination to appear unaffected by him, but could tell she found him attractive, no matter how much she protested.

“Good day, Roger,” she said stiffly before turning to walk toward the elevators.

Brett watched her shapely hips and buttocks all the way down the hallway. For some reason, he seemed to know exactly what she thought, tickled to death by her strong reaction. This is going to be fun! He bit back a snicker, knowing she couldn’t see his mischievous smile.


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Authors Beware (Love Is To DIE For… Book 1) by Franny Armstrong

Cover - Authors Beware (Love Is To DIE For... Book 1) by Franny Armstrong

Paranormal Romantic Suspense

She’s determined to catch a killer…
He’s sworn to protect her…

When the authors of the publishing firm Brinkman-Bonnett start turning up dead, Lana Anderson, the CEO, is determined to stop the Shakespeare-quoting killer. Her heart skips a beat when a stranger kisses her, but soon she has to focus on the danger that follows.

Undercover, Bryce Ramsay was hired to keep her safe, but after one stolen kiss, he must fight his attraction to her as well. He has his hands full when he finds out she’s a psychic with unusually strong abilities. His world turns upside down as he tries to keep up with her, but he vows to keep her alive at all costs.

When the murders come too close to home, the duo must battle, not only the murderer, but their building attraction to each other. They soon find out that love is to die for…


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