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“I found you. Good,” he said. As he came to her side, his hand grazed hers. “Thanks for meeting with me.”

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to meet with you or even talk to you.”

“I know. I don’t blame you.” Darkness enveloped them, and their every word seemed to resonate with raw emotion.

He took her hand. “So glad to be here with you,” he said softly.

Aria sat up and withdrew her hand from his. “So what did you want to talk about?”

“I screwed up last winter. That night… The wedding and our time together were incredible. You gave me such an amazing gift, and I blew it. I panicked. What can I say? I’m an asshole.”

“I won’t disagree with you there.”

“I may seem savvy and cool, but for all my traveling, I’m a small-town boy at heart. Then I come out here, meet an incredible woman, and am recruited by a billionaire for my dream job. My head was all over the place. My former company had been really good to me. I felt like a shit even thinking about jumping ship.”

“But you did.”

“Aria, it’s been nonstop since I met you, between extracting myself from entanglements back east and completing jobs I’d committed to.”

“And all that time, nothing. You didn’t have time for a phone call, email, letter? Nothing.”

“Honestly, I didn’t know what to say. First of all, there’s our age difference. I’m what, at least ten years older than you?”

Aria rolled her eyes, looking away. “As if that matters in today’s world.”

He stroked her arm. “Plus I didn’t want to lead you on or make you think something might happen.”

She moved out of his reach. “That’s big of you!”

“Sorry, that came out all wrong. I’m a workaholic. When I’m on a job, I have no personal life. Zilch. I’ve ruined more than my share of relationships that way.”

“I’d better get back,” she said, stirring as if to stand.

“Wait, please. I’m here now. This is my home. I’m getting settled, and I’d really like to see you.”

“You just told me you have no personal life.”

“No, that’s not what I meant. I’d love it if you would help me change that part of me.” As he spoke, his fingers touched her arm, sending shivers to her core. “Please, babe, give me one more chance.” He reached up, fingers gently cupping her chin as he leaned forward and kissed her. Gentle at first, the kiss deepened as Aria responded, opening her mouth. Their tongues began a sensual, magical dance. Before she knew it, his hands moved down her neck to cup her breast, fingers playing over the fabric of her blouse, then moving to unbutton it. “Oh, baby, I’ve missed you,” he whispered as she arched toward him, opening herself to him.

Voices behind them broke the spell, and she pulled back. “No, I can’t… I have to get back.”


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Aria’s Song (Morgan’s Run Book 11) by M. Lee Prescott

Cover - Aria's Song by M. Lee Prescott

Contemporary Romance

Despite her incessant flirting, Aria Firorelli is actually quite inexperienced and clueless when it comes to men. Then gorgeous Jonas Miller breezes into town and sweeps her off her feet. When passion sparks between them, they share a sizzling night before he heads back east without a word, shattering her heart.

Now, after six months of radio silence, Jonas is back, living and working nearby and ready to rev things up again. Never! Aria swears. How stupid was he to leave her, and how can he win her back, Jonas wonders. Of one thing he is certain—he cannot live without the violet eyed chef who has captured his heart so completely.


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