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Diana sipped more of her drink and leaned close to Dillon. “If all these instances are related, shouldn’t you notify the police?”

“I suppose I could tell Sheriff Dunn, but I’m not sure what he can do. My hope is to catch whoever it is red-handed.”

“Dillon, that scares me. You could get hurt.”

He held her close and kissed the top of her head. “I’ll be fine.”

“You see all those needless shootings on TV and wonder what could be going through someone’s mind to kill innocent people.”

“I know. I can’t imagine what drives a person to do something like that.”

“When I heard the shot, I’m not sure if I was more surprised or scared. The sound echoing around us was eerie.”

“Diana, you have to stop thinking about it.” He set their glasses on the coffee table. He lifted her onto his lap. “How about this?” He bent his head and pressed his lips to hers.


For a second, she resisted, then she let out a little sigh, wrapped her arms around his neck, and opened her mouth to him.

Safe and secure, cuddled there in his arms, Diana allowed the masculine strength of him to comfort her. His kiss sent waves of warmth throughout her body. His tongue teased while his hand stroked down her back to cup her bottom. As his kiss deepened, Diana marveled at how her body reacted to him. She grew damp between her legs, and her need for him grew. His hand slid under her sweater and found her breast. He stroked and squeezed until she thought she’d go mad.

He broke their kiss and their eyes met. He reached for the hem of her sweater. His voice was low and husky. “If you’re going to stop me, do it now.”

She should tell him no, but she was tired of fighting her desire for him. She lifted her arms and allowed him to remove her sweater.

He ran his finger along the lace trim of her bra. “Nice.” He reached behind and undid the hooks. When the silky fabric fell away, Dillon smiled. He cupped her small, firm breast in his palm. “Perfect.” He bent his head and took her nipple into his mouth.

She arched her back to give him better access. He squeezed, suckled, and circled her nipple with his tongue. Her breath caught as pleasure pulsated through her.

In one swift move, he lifted her up and headed for the bed. “We’re going to do this right.” He laid her down on the quilt and removed her boots, jeans, and bikini panties.

Slightly self-conscious, Diana lay naked before him.

“You’re so beautiful,” Dillon said, as he unbuttoned his flannel shirt.

Diana’s mouth watered at the sight of his bare muscular chest covered in thick hair. He quickly pulled off his boots and undid his belt. He unbuttoned his jeans, and his flat stomach came into view. Her eyes opened wide as his full erection was revealed.

She swallowed and whispered, “Oh, my.”

Dillon grinned. “Will I do, darlin’?”

Diana could barely breathe. “Oh, yes.”


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Mountain Blaze by Debby Grahl

Cover - Mountain Blaze by Debby Grahl

Contemporary Romance

Rodeo star Dillon McCoy comes home to the mountains of North Carolina to lick his wounds and take over running the family ranch, the Lazy M, unaware danger awaits. Diana Thompson is having doubts about her engagement to Trent Sawyer. Needing time away, she agrees to leave Chapel Hill and spend Thanksgiving with her friend Jenn at her ranch. When Diana and Dillon meet, neither can deny their attraction, but both must resolve past relationships before giving in to their desire. Danger lurks after Dillon turns down an anonymous offer to purchase the ranch. And when a body is found, Dillon is determined to discover who wants the McCoy land bad enough to commit murder. Can he and Diana elude the killer while the sparks of their newfound love grow?


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