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His breathing was erratic when he lifted his lips long enough to sweep her sweater over her head and toss it on the floor. He gazed at her breasts encased in the white cotton bra and ran his thumbs across her nipples before reaching around to release her from it. As it too fell to the floor he gazed at her again, with something like wonder in his eyes.

Practically tearing the buttons from his shirt, he threw it down and pulled her to him, twisting against her, almost nipple to nipple. His chest hair, so soft to the touch, provided another layer of stimulation to her already sensitized nipples, and Charlotte groaned at the combination of tantalizing pleasure and slight pain.

Cooper’s unsteady breath pushed her hair at her ear. He pulled the barrette holding the long strands in place at the nape of her neck and ran his fingers through it. She could feel how hard he was, practically pushing through their clothing, and yet she reached her arms around him, trying to pull him even closer, instinctively spreading her thighs to allow his erection to nestle between them.

When she moved her hips, he sucked in a breath and pushed her away so he could work the zippers and snaps that would free them from their jeans. After helping Charlotte out of hers, he roughly yanked the sheet and bedspread to the foot of the bed. With the linens pulled back, Charlotte reluctantly moved away from his warmth to lie down.

Embarrassed, at first she couldn’t meet his eyes, but she didn’t try to cover her nakedness. She found Cooper’s face after several seconds, as he traced one finger from her foot along the length of her body. He took his time, seeming to absorb the texture of her through that one contact point, and the essence of her through his eyes, as they followed the path of his finger.

She shivered, but she was anything but cold.

When his finger reached her lips, he outlined their lush fullness. Their eyes met then, and he gave her a lazy smile. Charlotte felt rather than knew that his smile and his eyes spoke volumes about what he wanted to do to her, what he planned to do to her, but she wasn’t yet knowledgeable enough to interpret their meaning. The stirring she felt in her blood made her anxious to learn though.

“You’re very beautiful, do you know that?” Strangely, having met his eyes, now she couldn’t turn away. She shook her head, barely moving it on the pillow. He chuckled, but it didn’t sound humorous. His eyes were like midnight and the sound coming from his throat seemed dark too, to match them. “Yes. Beautiful. You’re offering me a wonderful gift, Charlotte. I want you to be mine. I’m going to make you mine.”


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The Cinderella Curse by Dee S. Knight

Cover - The Cinderella Curse by Dee S. Knight

Contemporary Erotic Romance

One evening, in a land far away, a wife spins a fairy tale for the amusement of her husband. It’s not your typical child’s tale, of course, but an adult, erotic version of the classic, Cinderella.

All of the principals are present. Charlotte Gambrell immediately recognizes Prince Charming when she meets her boss, James Clarkson. Unfortunately, the worldly Clarkson barely knows she’s alive. Charlotte’s two hateful supervisors make her professional life miserable by piling on the work and never letting her forget that she has employment only at their pleasure.

Everything changes when Charlotte becomes part of a magazine shoot. The photographer, Cooper Hunt, agrees to perform duties as her fairy godfather. By day, he transforms her life by revealing to the world what he already knows, that Charlotte is an exquisite beauty. By night, he transforms her universe by teaching her about passion so she can attract her dream man, James. The “real” Cinderella never had it so good!


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