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I kept my hand clenched in her hair to keep her where I wanted her, grinding my mouth over hers in a kiss so rough that she could only open her mouth to allow my tongue inside to meet hers. She met me thrust for thrust, her moans telling me that I wasn’t hurting her, that she was enjoying this just as much as I was.

That she wanted it. We stood there licking, sucking, and nipping at each other’s mouths, filling the tiny space with sounds of uncontrolled passion.

My dick was hard as steel, pounding against my zipper with a demand to get out. I wanted inside Viola. Wanted to sink deep inside her wet heat and fucking claim her. Wanted to feel her come undone around him while I plowed into her. Jesus! The thoughts running through my head were enough to make me fucking lose my load inside my pants.

I tried to rein it in, but Viola seemed so responsive, her tiny hands clutching the front of my cut as she held on as she pulled me closer. Her moans revealed the level of her arousal. I wrapped an arm around her, taking ahold of her luscious ass and jerking her against me until she could feel my throbbing dick. She surprised me by arching her body and grinding against me.

Inwardly I grinned. She was a passionate little sprite, and she was making me feel things I couldn’t recall ever feeling before, possessiveness being one. When was the last time I’d ever felt possessive over a woman? The women I used I shared with my brothers. Fuck. The thought of sharing Viola with any man left a bitter taste in my mouth and acid burning in my gut. I knew I’d never be able to share her, and that scared the shit out of me.

Still, I didn’t let the fear persuade me into releasing her and running the other way. I picked her up and she eagerly wrapped her legs around me. We continued to attack each other’s mouths with hungry nips as I turned and carried her to her bedroom. When my legs hit the edge of the bed I lowered her to it, following her down with my body over hers. Her soft, full curves melded to mine as if we’d been made for each other. Unable to wait another second, my hands discovered her luscious tits, cupping them through her shirt and tweaking her nipples. A savage, primal need coursed through my blood, causing me to thrust my dick against her mound with an impact that was interrupted by a tremendous crack, and then the bed collapsed beneath us.

I pulled back with shock, meeting the slight amusement swimming in her glazed eyes.

I frowned. “Did I just break your fucking bed?”


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Bull [Desert Rebels MC Book 5] by Tory Richards

Cover - Bull by Tory Richards

MC Romantic Suspense

Bull plays as hard as he works in the MC, and he likes his life just the way it is. No commitments and a different woman in his bed every night. But a sweet little nurse catches his attention and before he knows it he’s dealing with more than just trouble in the club.


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