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In his room, whistling a country-western song, Brett prepared to take a shower. He stripped off his shirt and pants, leaving on his blue satin boxers.

Things seemed a little iffy in the condo between him and Lana. He hoped she would eventually accept he’d be there with her for the week, though Roger said a few days. He wondered how long it would take to loosen up her stiff and formal attitude.

Moving down the hall, he noticed the bathroom door stood closed, but tried the handle anyway in case Lana shut the door when she’d finished with her shower, and left the bathroom.

It turned easily in his hand, however, once the door opened fully, he stopped dead in his tracks, staring at the vision before him.

Lana stood with her back to him, drying her body. Water droplets glistened like diamonds on her creamy skin, the heady scent of jasmine filling his senses. She stood there with her foot propped up on the edge of the tub, drying her long, well-shaped leg, while she hummed softly. Her rounded hips accented her slender waist. The small mole in the center of her lower back drew his eyes like a magnet. What appeared to be silky smooth skin made for kissing, glowed in the soft bathroom light. Brett swallowed hard.

Stiffening suddenly, she met his eyes in the mirror, and screamed, whirling around and pulling the inadequate towel in front of her.

“What the hell are you doing?” she shrieked. “Get out of here, now!” She blushed all over. Her eyes sparked with fury as she clutched at the towel.

Brett leaned insolently against the doorframe, crossed his arms over his chest, and grinned. “Well, ma’am, it seems to me most people lock their doors when they shower. It tends to keep out unwanted visitors. Unless you planned to invite me in?”

Biting back laughter in the face of her rage, he stayed there, while Lana shouted at him. “Why you—Get out…now, or I’ll…I’ll call the police, and have you arrested as a peeping Tom! Get out!”

A shampoo bottle fell off the shelf in the tub making a loud bang, but Lana didn’t even blink at the noise.

Smiling even wider now, about to turn and leave, he changed his mind and strode toward her with heated purpose. He placed his finger under her chin, staring directly into her fiery eyes.

“Dost thou protest too much?”

He lowered his head, and kissed her gently. Even though she stood before him buck-naked, she let him! Her eyes widened in alarm as he slipped his arms around her, pulling her close. The intensity of the kiss increased as his boxers became uncomfortably snug. He knew he should let her go, but couldn’t help but be drawn to her like a moth to a flame, unable to stop himself. Brett ran his hands slowly up and down her back, catching droplets of water on his palms as he swallowed her moan. Her skin felt like satin beneath his fingers.

Deciding he’d pushed her far enough, he stepped back. Once his lips lifted, it seemed her brain started to function again. He knew the moment she caught his knowing grin as her expression turned to fury. The sound of her hand slapping his face echoed in the small room. Her eyes widening in shock, she shook her head, her fingers going to her swollen lips. She appeared to be stunned she’d lost control so completely, and quickly ran past him with her towel on.

Rubbing his cheek thoughtfully, Brett smiled as he watched her retreating naked buttocks until they disappeared behind the bedroom door. She slammed it, and locked herself safely in her room. She sure acted feisty. Brett thought about the time they would be spending together, trying to remember he’d been hired to protect her from a killer. Unsure of which of the two would be more dangerous, the killer or Lana, he shrugged, and continued his shower, while singing a song about “loving you forever,” at the top of his lungs.


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Authors Beware (Love Is To DIE For… Book 1) by Franny Armstrong

Cover - Authors Beware (Love Is To DIE For... Book 1) by Franny Armstrong

Paranormal Romantic Suspense

She’s determined to catch a killer…
He’s sworn to protect her…

When the authors of the publishing firm Brinkman-Bonnett start turning up dead, Lana Anderson, the CEO, is determined to stop the Shakespeare-quoting killer. Her heart skips a beat when a stranger kisses her, but soon she has to focus on the danger that follows.

Undercover, Bryce Ramsay was hired to keep her safe, but after one stolen kiss, he must fight his attraction to her as well. He has his hands full when he finds out she’s a psychic with unusually strong abilities. His world turns upside down as he tries to keep up with her, but he vows to keep her alive at all costs.

When the murders come too close to home, the duo must battle, not only the murderer, but their building attraction to each other. They soon find out that love is to die for…


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