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NarrAy relished the feel of the sponge against her skin as Senth worked his way down from her shoulders, across her breasts. The trickle of warm water and the pressure of his hands delighted. She gasped as the sponge brushed between her legs.

“Did I hurt you?” Concern knit his brow.

She placed her hand over his. “No,” she whispered. “Good. My turn.”


“To bathe you.” She took the sponge.

“But I never got to wash your legs.”

“Later.” She tapped his nose with the sponge, leaving bubbles. She laughed and tried to wipe them off but left more in their place.

Senth shook his head and tried blowing them off, to no avail.

“Here, let me.” NarrAy rose on her knees and reached for a towel. She squealed as the slippery bottom of the tub made her fall against Senth’s chest, splashing water onto the floor. She ended up taking Senth underwater with her.

They both came up sputtering, wiping at their eyes. They broke into laughter.

Soapy water dripped down Senth’s face, and bubbles coated his hair. He slicked it back. “You’re all bubbly.”

“So are you.” NarrAy scooped up a handful of bubbles and arranged them on his head in a crown shape. “King Senth.”

“Have to make one for you. Here.” He piled on the bubbles. “Okay. That looks right, but it needs a few jewels.” He pulled off a necklace and draped it over her hair. “There, a crown for my queen.”

When she made a mock bow to him, the necklace slipped off and hung on the end of her nose. Laughter burst from both of them.

He hung the necklace around her neck and wiped at the bubbles on her nose. He brushed both hands across her face and leaned back. “There. That’s better.”

NarrAy took Senth’s face between her palms. His sincerity and trust made her feel even more naked before him.

“NarrAy.” He caressed her bare back. “I love you.”

All the passion she’d felt for this man flooded her at once, and the peak of her pheromones kicked down all resistance to desire.

Senth’s pupils dilated so fast, his eye color went instantly to black. Nostrils flaring, he bared his fangs and tugged her down against him.


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At the Mercy of Her Pleasure [Antonello Brothers Book 3] by Kayelle Allen

Cover - At the Mercy of Her Pleasure by Kayelle Allen

Science Fiction Romance

To free his enslaved brother from a cruel master, Senth, an all-party-fun-and-games thief, must take on the hardest assignment of his life: stealing from the Empress.

To make matters worse, he has no choice but to work with the beautiful NarrAy, a by-the-book rebel captain whose addictive pheromones could jeopardize the mission and destroy Senth’s will. When the unthinkable happens and NarrAy professes her love for him, Senth must decide if what he feels is real.

Can he trust this woman? If he loves her back, can he still save his brother? Or will Senth end up at the mercy of her pleasure forever…


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